Camp Sessions 2017

Welcome to Camp S.O. Cool 2017!
We are holding only TWO sessions of camp this year in the coveted weeks just before school begins.  Spots will fill quickly!   Registration is confirmed once payment is received.

Session 1:  Aug 21 - 25 
WU WU WEEK:  Investigate the Unexplainable! ($420)
Can dogs really tell when we're coming home?  Are there aliens in Area 51? Do dream catchers work?  Do trees talk to each other?  What's a lei line?  What about Tarot cards?  Nessie?  Big Foot?  Why do people put so much faith in things that seem impossible?  Using science, math, art and design, we'll play with these ideas (facts?  alternative facts?) and see if they can be explained after all.
Session 2:  Aug 28 - Sept 1 
Due to popular demand, Geek Week is coming back.  Revenge of the nerds?  Sort of.  Based on kids input, we'll share, celebrate and make a mess of what makes us most nerdy.  The week ends in the rowdy, and now infamous GEEK GAMES!  Will you earn bragging rights?  

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